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06. Jnan Vijnan Pratibha Pareeksha

06. Jnan Vijnan Pratibha Pareeksha

Successive dispensations in post independent India failed to recognize the rich scientific history of our nation. This lacunae prompted Vijnanabharati to conduct Jnan Vigyan Pratibha Pareeksha.

In today’s fast changing and competitive world, education based on the prescribed school curricula alone is not sufficient. It has become absolutely necessary to supplement school education with practical knowledge and to nurture creativity in the process of learning. It was with this motive that we started Jnan Vijnan Pratibha Pariksha, which received a huge response from educational and scientific community.

More than 500 schools from 15 states of the nation participated in the examination. The Tritiya examination (National Workshop) was held at Bhopal in which students and parents alike got opportunity to interact with renowned scientists.

To encourage more number of students to participate in the exam, this year we have decided to award cash prizes worth Rs.2,00,000/- for 1000 students at school level, state level and national level . The state level winners will also be eligible to get mentoring from eminent scientists.

JVPP is a unique science talent search examination to nurture the younger generation in schools, based on India’s contribution to the world of science. It started in Kerala and now it is conducted annually across nine states in India and four countries in the middle east. More than 2 lakh students have undergone this test in the last three years.