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 To instil confidence and deep commitment among students and youths of Ayurveda and other traditional knowledge.

 Empowering the students & youths with professional skills to boost their confidence for Private Ayurveda Practice & earn on their own.

 To bring the students and youths under a common platform to learn, research. Propagate and popularize Ayurveda and other indigenous knowledge systems.

 Blending Indian Philosophy and culture with life style and health care systems of Indian masses through different types of activities.

Impart training and practices in Ayurveda among students and youths.

Develop new vision and pragmatic methodologies for implementing Projects on Ayurveda and related subjects.

 Reach out to the masses to create awareness about Ayurveda.

Bring out the traditional knowledge in manuscripts and other ancient texts.

Create employment opportunities for rural and urban youth through Ayurveda.

Provide recommendations and suggestions for the policy makers.

Medicinal Plants and trees protection and conservation.