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National Ayurveda Students and Youth Association

who we are?

National Ayurveda Students and Youth Association

NASYA National Ayurveda Students and Youth Association; is a Vigyan Bharti initiative for Ayurveda, working for the up-gradation and mainstreaming of Ayurveda at the grassroots level, since its inception in 2008, during 3Rd WAC at NIA, Jaipur. Today, NASYA stands tall with its active units in 22 states of India and 5000+ registered lifetime members.
In addition, to continue activities targeting uplifting the existing standards of Ayurveda and its scholars, NASYA perpetually channelizes the blooming energies of its young brigade to serve and contribute to developing a disease-free nation, ultimately aiming to reduce the medical burden of the country.

During its journey, NASYA has created various benchmarks and records. The organization has contributed substantially to pulling out of Ayurveda, from dormancy I during the so-called era of the renaissance of Ayurveda; when the Ministry of AYUSH came into existence in 2014.

NASYA has been instrumental in creating awareness, inculcating interest, and instilling confidence amongst the fraternity of Ayurveda with its tireless efforts and out-of-the-box ideas.

Various projects have been conceptualized and meticulously executed to strengthen the ecosystem of Ayurveda. Many of these endeavors have been supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, CCRAS & CCIM. Also, institutes of repute viz. NIA, LPU, Patanjali, etc. have partnered with NASYA for conducting National / International Seminars, workshops, conferences, and other mega-events. NASYA has achieved laurels in various states for organizing unique, concept-based academic events - done never before in the history of Ayurveda.

Such activities have helped it to gain a strong foothold across all corners of India.

what is our aim?


NASYA touches all the aspects of Ayurveda-

1. Academics

  • To instill confidence and deep commitment among students and youths in Ayurveda and other traditional knowledge.
  • Bring out the traditional knowledge in manuscripts and other ancient texts.
  • Develop knowledge of theoretical principles as well as practical skills in therapeutic manner.
  • Teaching selfless mindset to serve humanity to students in their learning phase.

2. Researchers

  • Develop new vision and pragmatic methodologies for implementing Projects on Ayurveda and related subjects.
  • Understanding the effects of therapy in terms of modern science and parameters.
  • Innovation of devices and equipments with huge diagnostic and therapeutic value.
  • Publication of awareness materials such as magazines, journals, scientific articles, books, pamphlets, CD’s, documentaries, films, videos etc.
  • Establishment of Research Centre’s and training institutes & online Ayurveda courses.

3. Practitioners

  • To bring the youths and practitioners under a common platform to learn, research, propagate and popularize Ayurveda and other indigenous knowledge systems.
  • Reach out to the masses to create awareness about Ayurveda.
  • Offering a wide range of treatment as desired by patients of different conditions with the help of multiple skills.

4. Entrepreneurship

  • Create employment opportunities for rural and urban youth through Ayurveda.
  • Medicinal Plants and trees protection and conservation.
  • Drug cultivation and distribution world wide.
  • Opting new innovations in Ayurveda pharmaceuticals to make drugs palatable and easy availability.
  • Blending Indian Philosophy and culture with life style and health care systems of Indian masses through different types of activities.
  • National and state level conferences of students and youths to resolve recommendations and policy formulations
  • Knowledge exchange programs in and outside country to propagate Ayurveda.